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Foundation Module

ManagersBot - Slack App

Transform Slack conversations into actionable 1:1 topics and performance summaries for AI powered decision-making.

Introducing MARS(Managerial Assistant and Resource Servant) on Managers.App! We've integrated Artificial Intelligence to help managers streamline their work and make better decisions. With our AI-powered question answering system, you can get quick and accurate answers to your questions. Our proofreading tool ensures that your content is error-free and polished. And with our 9Box assessment, you can easily evaluate your team's performance and identify areas for improvement. These new features are designed to help you prioritize execution and build strong relationships with your team.

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Foundation Module

Let's Build a Perfect House Team Together

We belive 3D experiences help communicate signals to leaders in a way that is simple and engaging.

Grow Talent Through Career Frameworks

Foundation Module helps managers set expectations with their teams and hold them accountable for their work.

Career Framework is the source for how to achieve impact and grow in a role.

Career Framework allows managers to operate with consistency when hiring new talent and growing existing team members.

Foundation Module
Team Module

Stay On Top Of Areas That Need Improvement

Team Module allows managers to set up their team and track critical information about each member. ManagersApp provides reminders and suggestions on coaching and training your team.

Run Effective 1:1s

The one-on-one module helps managers organize and execute effective 1:1s. It automatically creates a 1:1 agenda with important topics and action items.

You can add an interactive board and collaborate with your team member to create an agenda for your weekly.

One-On-One Module
Pulse Module

Know How Your Team is Doing

Pulse Module lets managers get real-time insight about how their team members are doing through 1-minute weekly pulse surveys. Pulse module automatically creates 1:1 agenda items with conversation starters when an area needs attention.

Level Up Your Management Skills

People who are managed by great managers feel more satisfaction at work. They also stay with their company longer, making more of a positive impact. However, if you want great managers at your company, you must invest in developing them.

ManagersApp’s Learning Path’s are aimed at helping managers learn how to work effectively with their teams, peers and higher-ups.

Essentials Module
Performance Module

Grow Team Members

Instead of running an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly review process which is heavy on everyone involved and ineffective, the ManagersApp performance module allows managers to continuously evaluate performance and provide actionable feedback to team members.

Our method keeps managers informed, avoiding recency bias by collecting timely 360 feedback from reviewers - feedback which can be used to coach the team at the time when this information is most effective.

Access to Curated Resources

Essentials Module curates peer-reviewed articles, videos, tools, and question&answers related to managing technical talent.

Essentials module content is integrated throughout the app so it can be accessed when it is needed.

Essentials Module
Performance Module

Successfully Onboard New Hires

As mangers we are accountable for the successful onboarding of new hires. We need to prepare our team for the new teammate, and improve the onboarding process continuously.

You can create an interactive board using an onboarding template and collaborate with your new hire to ensure that they are progressing according to the milestones you set for them.

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